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The Imagineering Quarter

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Northern Ireland

Quarter Impressions:

River Foyle view of, ``The Imagineering Quarter'' (physical domain only) (courtesy Anton Hutton).

God's eye view of, ``The Imagineering Quarter'' (physical domain only) (courtesy Google).

Sketch map of, ``The Imagineering Quarter'' (physical domain only).

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Quarter Genesis:

(left-to-right) Dr. Barney Toal (NORIBIC); Matt Peachey (ex Derry City Council); Mark Nagurski (Digital Derry Champion); Anton Hutton (EyeSpyFX Ltd. & School of Creative Arts & Technologies, Magee); Professor Geraint Wiggins (ex Goldsmiths, University of London) and Professor Paul Mc Kevitt (HidInImage Ltd. & Computer Science Research Institute, Magee) at Genesis Workshop on, ``The Imagineering Quarter: Desperately seeking digital creativity'', University of Ulster, Magee (March 31st, 2010) (courtesy Martin McKeown, Inpresspics).

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