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Straddling the meandering River Foyle where it becomes Lough Foyle, Derry (from Doire meaning Oak Wood in Gaelic) or Londonderry (and some other names besides) has a rare scenic beauty. It is rich in history, encompassing monastic settlement and fully extant city walls, the great seige of the late 17th century, and much more. A visit to the renowned Tower Museum is more than rewarding, as is a visit to the rugged mountains and sea cliffs in the close hinterland of Donegal. It is a northern European city of 100,000, almost on the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The area has wide renown for its writers (Heaney, Friel) and musicians (Coulter, Clannad, Enya) and of course its computer scientists. (see http://www.ni-tourism.com/noplugin.htm and http://www.ireland.travel.ie/)

To the East of the Foyle we have the north Derry coast, with beautiful beaches at Benone and Castlenock and then through Coleraine to the seaside resorts of Portstewart and Portrush. A few kilometres further along the north Antrim coast we arrive at the Giant's Causeway and Bushmills with the world's oldest distillery (see http://www.infosites.net/tourism/topten/bushmills.html) which delegates can visit as part of the conference tour.

The Inishowen Peninsula borders the West of Lough Foyle with a beautiful "Inishowen 100" tour and one can visit the rugged mountains and sea cliffs in the close hinterland of Donegal (e.g. the famed Glenveagh National Park once owned by the McIlhiney Family - inventors of famed Tabasco Sauce)! and Gweedore, home of the Clannad Family and Enya. A Calendar of Events for Ireland and Northern Ireland can be found at http://ireland.iol.ie/emigrant/calendar.html.

Arrival by Car, Bus and Rail

Belfast is about 100 km and Dublin is about 230 km distant.

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By car from Dublin: Monaghan--Aughnacloy--Omagh--Strabane. On entering city, best to cross to the west of the River Foyle on the two-tier Craigavon Bridge, and proceed north.

From Coleraine/Belfast: cross to the west of the River Foyle on Foyle Bridge, accessed from Caw Roundabout, and proceed south.

Public transport: from Dublin, best by bus (companies: Bus Eireann and Ulsterbus). Frequency: a few round trips per day. Cost: about £ 13 return.

New! From Belfast Airports. New! From December 1997, there is a regular bus service from Belfast International Airport and from Belfast City Airport to and from Derry. Information on times will be provided here as soon as possible. The point of departure from Derry is Clarendon Street, just on the northern side of the West Side Stores (150 m from the Trinity Hotel).

Alternative ways to get from the Belfast aiports to Derry are as follows. From Belfast airports, take the airport shuttle bus to the Central Bus Station in Belfast. Bus service to/from Belfast airports is approximately half-hourly on weekdays, hourly at weekend. Then take a bus (or if you wish, a train) to Derry/Londonderry.

Belfast (bus station) - Derry bus connections:
Belfast-Derry: Monday-Saturday, hourly from 8.30 am to 8.30 pm, and 10.00 pm. Sunday: 9.30 am, 2.30, 5.30, 7.30, 8.30 and 9.30 pm.
Derry-Belfast: Monday-Saturday, hourly from 7.00 am to 8 pm. Sunday: 9.00, 12.00 am, 3.00, 5.00, 6.00, 7.00 pm.
Times may change in September. Such changes will be minor.
Prices £ 6.10 single, £ 10.70 return. Journey time: 1 hour 40 minutes.

Trains Belfast - Derry:
Belfast-Derry: Monday-Friday, 7.05, 8.39, 10.53 am, 1.30, 3.50, 6.00, 8.30 pm. Saturday: 8.00, 11.00 am, 1.30, 3.55, 6.05 and 8.30 pm. Sunday: 9.55 am, 1.55, 8.35 pm.
Derry-Belfast: Monday-Friday, 6.10, 8.05, 9.55, 11.40 am, 2.40, 5.05, 7.10 pm. Saturday: 6.20, 8.00, 11.00 am, 2.30, 5.05, 7.10 pm. Sunday: 11.10 am, 5.00 and 7.00 pm.
Times may change in September. Such changes will be minor.
Price: £ 6.10 single,£ 9.90 return. Journey time: 2 hours 20 minutes.

Arrival by Air

City of Derry Airport (LDY) is about 20 km away. Belfast International Airport (BFS) is about 80 km away, and Belfast City Airport about 30 km further.

A taxi from City of Derry airport is approximately £ 8. A taxi from Belfast International Airport (BFS) is approximately £ 40 for a taxi sent from Derry; allow for somewhat more for a taxi from the airport. Parking charges: LDY no charge; BFS about £ 12 per 7 days in the long-term (Holiday) car park. City of Belfast Airport is a third practical alternative. By public transport from one of the Belfast airports, the best way is to take the airport bus to the bus station in Belfast, and then to take a bus to Derry/Londonderry. See above for times and prices. (See above also for the new, direct bus service from the Belfast Airports to Derry.)

Map of Northern Ireland, showing Belfast Airport (BFS), and also real-time flight information at BFS. Telephone numbers etc. for BFS, LDY and Belfast City Airport. Click on "Getting There" and then under details of routes and distances.



Currency Converters

Northern Ireland is part of the UK. The Irish pound is generally accepted at equivalent value (dependent on exchange rate). Banknotes in Northern Ireland mostly are issued by local banks (Ulster Bank, Bank of Ireland, etc.).

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